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Alcohol, drug, and drama-free group

WEDNESDAYS, 2 - 3 pm 

Angry? Anxious? Don't know what to do? Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

 Stop in and get happy with Julie Davis, Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist. This is a free, drop-in group where – instead of drinking – you will learn some useful thinking and go home with helpful tools rather than a headache or DUI. Every Wednesday, 2 - 3 pm.

 Details: Schedule may change without notice. Check website for updates. Please no children, pets, food, cell phone use. Door closes at 2 pm and is not opened for late comers. Location: Los Gatos Recovery Center: 16400 Lark Avenue – Suite 350, Los Gatos, CA. Elevator available on first floor or use outside stairs to third floor.

 If you are experiencing a life-threatening situation please call 911. If you are experiencing a crisis and are in a highly emotional state, please check in with a local therapist, hotline, 12-step group. This group is intended to supplement current treatment and is not to be used to replace treatment or address crisis situations.     




I went out to eat last night 

and here is what I saw: 

Man sitting with a woman 

talking on cell phone.

Woman sitting with a man 

watching TV.

Man sitting with a boy 

playing a video game.

Boy sitting with a girl 


Woman sitting with woman 

fussing over her dog.

Man sitting with man 


I saw relationships with screens, food, alcohol, noise, distraction, and pets, but I didn’t see relationships with people. 

It’s important to have hobbies and fun, comfortable to have money and companionship, and it’s helpful to use computers and phones. But when these things get in the way of, take precedence over, or replace deep meaningful, fulfilling human relationships, we suffer. 

This week I invite you to consider your pattern of relating to others:

Do you spend more time in relationship with people or things?

Which people relationships don’t need food, alcohol, sex, agendas, outcomes, projects, drama, chaos, TV, noise, or religion to be deep and meaningful?

What fears keep you from developing deeper, more meaningful relationships with same gender?

What do you do that gets in the way of developing deep, meaningful relationships with same gender?



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Sober and Grateful?  

We're looking for YOU!



Hours and supervision available for Marriage & Family Therapist Interns interested in providing on-site support and guidance for people with drug and alcohol problems and other behavioral issues.  


We are always looking personable staff with solid recovery, reliable car, leadership talents and management skills to join our team.  Day, evening, overnight hours available.  Minimum 6 months sobriety and proven path towards growth and change for staff in recovery.  Join us! 


Art? Music? Dance? Yoga? Gardening? Cooking? Drawing? Extra time and energy? Need to practice? The Los Gatos Recovery Center is a great place to share your passions, skills and talents. Call us to discuss how our Volunteer Program may be the perfect fit for you.   

For information on all available positions, CONTACT Julie Davis, Program Director 


and/or send us an email to: losgatosrecoverycenter@gmail.com