Tim van den Berg

Certified Life Transition Coach

I have survived and thrived many major transitions, including an amicable divorce, co-parenting struggles, failed and successful business startups and a near fatal head injury.  Most importantly, I have succeeded in winning the battle over alcohol and drug addiction.    

I use and teach a variety of tools derived from my personal experiences in rehab, 12-step programs, mindfulness studies, music therapy, training in brain chemistry science, PTSD recovery, and proven life transition techniques learned through my Life Coach Certification earned at the Life Purpose Institute of San Diego.     

I lead clients through an exploration of needs and obstacles, re-prioritization, reducing “clutter”, solidifying a core value system, all leading to clear action plans for short-term and long-term goals and visions.   

In addition to my passion for life coaching, I enjoy traveling through the United States and abroad. I have crossed the Serengeti, joined safaris through parts of Africa, toured across Europe by railway, kayaked around ice fields and seen glaciers collapse on the frontiers of Alaska.    

I am grateful to be where I am today: thriving and living a purposeful life helping others overcome their battles with addiction, creating lasting bonds through the power of empathy, and inspiring and guiding clients towards clarity, well-being, and success.