Julie Davis, M.S., LMFT, CRRT

Program Director


I have been called: OCD, ADHD, Addict, Alcoholic, Sensitive, Hopeless, Moody, Co-dependent, Crazy.  I spent most of my life terrified of these labels, ashamed of my behaviors, at war with myself, defined by the opinions of others.  Now I am in partnership with my mind, body and soul, connected with healthy people, and honored to be helping others find and stay on the path of recovery. 

I am committed to learning and providing the most effective and lasting treatments available in the areas of trauma, addictions, relational issues, attachment disorders, anxiety, self-doubt and loathing, depression, anger and resentment, grief and loss, loneliness and heartache.  As a result I have advanced to the highest level of certification in Rapid Resolution Therapy and am thrilled to provide this effective technique as the foundation of the the Los Gatos Recovery Center program.       

Married with two wonderful step-daughters, and part of a tribe of watermen/women, I learn my greatest lessons and experience my greatest joys within these close relationships. I strive to live with what is present, possible and beneficial.  I’m not there 100%, but it’s sure a better way to be.  My hobbies, exercise, and pastime activities reflect what honors me, husband, and God.  Currently, I enjoy building water fountains, raising chickens, brewing Kombucha, bodysurfing, and cooking with my Chef Husband in my home town of Los Gatos.